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LP Brussels hosts transport & tourism session at #IF2020 Virtual Ideas Festival. Register now!

LP Brussels hosts transport & tourism session at #IF2020 Virtual Ideas Festival. Register now!

LP Brussels invites you to register for the only session on transport and tourism at the largest ever virtual EU policy event, the #IF2020 Virtual Ideas Festival, on Tuesday 8 September 15:00-16:00 CEST

We have a limited number of exclusive tickets for the festival. Please use this special link here for our interactive session, access to the other sessions, and to participate in networking opportunities.

Our friends at One Policy Place are bringing together 2,000 politicians, policymakers, academics, entrepreneurs & experts from across the globe to discuss and present solutions to societal challenges. Great to be part of it. We hope you can be part of it too!

At such a crucial time for transport, as we learn to live with the pandemic and face huge challenges such as the economic downturn and climate change, we all know we need innovative solutions, fresh ideas, and radically changed priorities, if we are to move towards a sustainable, safe and digital future for urban, regional, national, European and international transport & tourism.

We’re bring together some of the leading experts and practitioners from the transport & tourism sector in Europe. In the driver’s seat will be:

  • Matthew Baldwin, Deputy Director General, DG MOVE
  • Martin Dorsman, Secretary General of the European Community Shipowners’ Associations
  • Monika Heiming, Executive Director of EIM (European Rail Infrastructure Managers)
  • Graziella Jost, Programme Director of the European Transport Safety Council

Your participation will be invaluable, and there will be plenty of opportunities for questions and discussion. Mark Watts, former two-term MEP and LP Brussels Director will host the transport & tourism session and he says: ‘We’re so pleased to be hosting the transport & tourism session of the Ideas Festival. We agree with OPP. Creating a sense of community and a chance to reflect positively on the future is more important now than ever. So many thanks to everyone who is making this important and timely event possible. I know how important events like this are in shaping future priorities, particularly given the forthcoming publication of the Commission’s Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy.’

Euractiv is IF2020’s main media partner.

PepsiCo is IF2020’s main festival sponsor.

If you would like additional information, wish to sponsor the transport & tourism session, or join the panel, please do not hesitate to contact us.

LP Brussels
LP Brussels